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AwesomeCon 2016

AwesomeCon finally arrived last weekend and sure enough I went this year. Now unlike in the past when I have gone for multiple days, I only attended on Sunday but I was not alone. This year I took two friends with me and all three of us dressed up in costume. I believe it was their first ComicCon ever and the fact they dressed up made it even more enjoyable and entertaining.
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So it has been a few months since I have posted anything interesting or in an attempt to be intellectual. For the most part my second job has taken up a lot of time. I currently work 9-5:30 at one job and about 6pm-12am (sometimes 2am) at my other job. My life has become the real Work, Sleep, Eat routine. On my few days off and spare hours I have spent my time with close friends and working on a few side projects. Since I have not had time to work on all of the many posts and topics going through my head, I figured I would do a quick rant post. Buckle in… we are going all over the place in this one!

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Yesterday another terrorist attack took place in Western Europe. Three suicide bombers opened gunfire and detonated bombs killing over 31 people and injuring 271 others. Two of the bombs detonated at the Brussels International Airport and the third bomb exploded at a subway station in Brussels, Belgium. This attack is thought to be in revenge for the arrest and capture of the mastermind behind the attacks on Paris in November of last year.
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No Trains Today


An extremely unusual event took place on Wednesday, the Metro system for the Washington, DC metropolitan area was shut down. That is right, the system that has over 700,000 riders daily was shut down on a weekday. The announcement came at 4:30 pm the day before and many people were taken by surprise. The entire area got to experience a day without metro and for some it was enlightening and others it was troublesome.

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This is one of the hardest days of my life so far. I have had to say goodbye to Thor, my buddy for almost 16 years. I personally have been down since it has happened and grateful for all of the fun and interesting memories he helped provide my family with. I will always remember him and these are only a few small glimpses into the many memories I will cherish.
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So… Deadpool! One of my all time favorite comic book characters. I started reading comics that featured him back around 1995 and really became a fan of him in 1997 when he had his own series. He is the epitome of what you really want out of a comic. The merc with a mouth is notorious for breaking the 4th wall in comics. If you don’t know what the fourth wall is, it is the wall between the audience and the story, it is what lets us watch things unfold. Well Deadpool knows he is in a comic and really goes wild within the stories referencing past comics, other characters, pop culture, and even events from comics from different comic universes such as Batman. That with additional violence, constant jokes, sexy moments, and Tacos, who can’t help but love this sexy Canadian.

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Day of Remeberance

There is no questions that space is beautiful but it also deadly. With all the radiation, debris, vacuum of space and the still many unknowns, it is a wonder why we ever dare to wander into the void. Man has the instinct to explore and to quote Star Trek, it is the final frontier. Space has many wonders and beautiful cosmic events still left to be witnessed and we want to be the ones to do it.

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My Movie Collection

Anyone who has ever stepped inside my workshop or home would instantly notice that I have two collections. The first being my Lego minifigure collection and some of the awesome models that go along with them and the second being my movie collection. Now I have talked about my Lego collection quite often but I have not really spoken of my movie collection. Now from time to time I will compose a blog posting about a movie, typically amazing movies that I am dying to own and watch again and again. Continue reading

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Proof When You Need It

If you have ever gone and YouTube you will have noticed some of the most common car videos are car crashes caught on a dash camera. A decent percentage of these videos are from Russia or Asian countries. The reason why there are so many from these countries is because of insurance scams. I am not sure exactly why or how the insurance system works in these countries but I am sure people that have the cameras feel more comfortable having this protection. Now the question is why has it taken so long to even gain traction in USA?

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Giving Thanks

For Thanksgiving this year my family was invited over to my sister-in-law’s family Thanksgiving dinner. Normally we have dinner at home with our uncle  a few neighbors and sometimes cousins. This typically is about 10 people or less. This year was such a wonderful gathering to be invited to and the weather outside was perfect for sitting outdoors and drinking some beer. Seeing and talking to more of my sister-in-law’s family was a real treat. Over 20 people were gathered around to give thanks and enjoy each others company. I am very thankful that we had the privilege to be invited and that they wanted to be bothered by our presence. By the end of desert I was ready to pass out from all the fun and excitement. I don’t know how the rest of them kept going for hours and hours.
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BlizzCon ’15

And already another year has passed. BlizzCon 2015 brought very interesting news on all fronts. Now in-case you aren’t aware I am a huge World of Warcraft fan and I love playing a lot of the other Blizzard games as well. I have been playing World of Warcaft for many years now but still really only play on one character, Trigne a shadow priest, and have a banker character, Juho a retribution paladin, who I have been recently upgrading more. So this year there were many wonderful announcements for all the Blizzard games and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the announcements.

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Not Your Average Comic


Remember a time when you didn’t have an iPhone or iPad when you were settled on the toilet for the long haul? Most people growing up with out these time distractions did not have the Internet at our finger tips so we had to improvise. Most people had a good book, puzzle, magazine, or worst case, the dreaded shampoo bottle to act as a diversion. For myself growing up I had a luxury item in my bathroom for when I needed it, a wonderful comic book titled “Calvin and Hobbes.”
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Next Stop Ares


Ares, Sol IV, Mars… It goes by many names (much like Earth, Gaia, Terra, or Sol III) but it has remained one of the main focuses when we look to the stars. Why has Mars been on our minds for so long? Will we ever be able to follow Hollywood and actually visit Mars in our lifetimes? Can we seriously see a future and clear distinction between Terrans and Martians? Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system and the only other planet that comes within the habitability zone. The other planets and moons are potentially to dangerous and extreme for us to visit let alone settle. Earth’s Moon, Jupiter’s moon Titan, and a few others could one day be home for humans but the logical choice is Mars.
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Hold Hands

I just came across this story and it is just a nice piece about someone doing the right thing. Teaching is one of the few professions that strongly influences someones life yet gets little recognition at times. I swear walking children home after school is one of the simplest things one could do and yet has a strong impact in the child’s life. Walking a kid home helps make sure they are safe and insures trust within that person. It is wonderful to see a teacher who is being a positive role model to students and really helping them when they need it. There are plenty of teachers out there that are great and this is just a little reminder that a lot of them have the best interest for your children. Thank you all of you amazing teachers out there that look after the young minds and give them something to strive to.


Pope’s Visit to DC

One of the great things about living in Washington DC area is that very influential people from all around the world come to visit. The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, recently visited the United States of America and was overall met by large crowds filled with love and enthusiasm. Even many non-Catholics came out to see and hear what the Pope had to say. While I am not religious in any sense, Pope Francis is one of the several world leaders that I check the news on from time to time.
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The Workshop

Every person needs a space to themselves, a place that they can relax in, study, work on projects, and store and display things that represent them. This space has been apart of our homes for long time and takes on different names depending on the person for which it is created. Since I don’t have my own home yet I drastically needed a space to set up and store all my stuff. After looking at several different and unique storage ideas such as people creating a unique space within a truck, bus, and shipping containers I decided on a storage unit. I have now had my storage unit for about a year now and it is my workshop.

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