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Time, Life, Right, Good, Protect

Time is always against oneself because time is a force which keeps you behind on what you need to accomplish. if you help or even try and get to know someone they become a person which has the strength to hurt you over and over and over again!

Life is a variable within Time which is always against you and there is nothing you can do about it. everyones Life is hard and difficult but it is a state of the mind when you let it really get to you. the only thing one can do is accept it and continue to be who they are and keep others Protected.

the Right solution doesn’t always guaranty Life or time is still going to be on your side. those that try and save one’s life may loose their own in the process making it there time to go.

Good people get hurt the most when one takes their time away, abuses their generosity, and messes with their Life. the best people are those that continue on afterwards and don’t change from who they are.

Protector’s may try and save and keep people safe but people will always abuse this and will take advantage of this person’s Life and Good heart. those that do the Right thing and take care of these people will always be Protected

all of these makes me wonder why i do what i do and why i am the person i am today. the only thing i can say is that i will never change this and i will always strive for the betterment of man even if not ever one of them deserves it……..

this is about medics who lay their life on the line at any given point to do what the can in the short amount of time they have…

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