Class, Dorm Life, Finlandia

Day 1

So today was the First Day of classes and it wasnt to bad. Classes seem like a good challenge and with me really making this my main focus things will turn out for the best.  I wish a few things where different and like a few things are bugging me like alot of the freshman but some arent that bad and I have made a few new friends. I am glad that there are people here that I can trust and talk to and for the most part chill with. But my plan is to be the hermit… be the nerd… and let people ask the questions and come to me.

Life will work out and yea there has been some drama and things that I wish didnt just happen but those have been cut off and I know a few people would be proud but I do want to have some friends to always chill with and have them introduce me to others since lot of these freshmen are like o he is the 23 year old guy… haha. There is however one girl on my mind but thats another story and as for now I am in school to study have fun and meet new people cuz you never know…


One thought on “Day 1

  1. Hey man, just keep doin what you doin and- you’re absolutely right- everything will turn out for the best. I’m a year older still in school too but just keep the final goal in mind, look at it in terms of semesters, and in no time grad day will be here. Stay up SHeer. -Col

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