Trust and Happyness

Ever since I was young i have never had many friends and once i got my first few friends from Cora Kelly… only problem was i couldnt trust them… i have always had a problem with trusting people. Back at Cora Kelly I remember skipping class and going for a walk just to get away from people that hurt me and made me feel upset… its always been somthing that attracts it self to me. Even in high school i didnt have many friends till JROTC when we all where forced to trust our team mates and its those people that i can trust fully. People like my two best friends and my 3 sisters are the few people outside of my family that I can trust with my life and my sekrets and pains.. Even if I try and open up to people in new places i still get betrayed and laughed at. My sekrets are special for thats the reason they are sekrets and if i choose to tell you then ones should respect that. Trust has been difficult in every aspect… Most of my ex girlfriends have cheated on me (all but one)… and why is that… I am a wonderful, smart, dedicated, classical, hardworking, loving man; yet i am still betrayed. some people tell me u will find the one and yet now after everything i am not ready to meet the one… i am ready for everyone else to see the man who is better and non deserving of them… everyone expects one to find the right guy even though they pass by the ones that count. Happyness does not come easy and to be honest i cant wait to be happy again because its been a long time but now its time for me to work for my self and what i want and not to allow others to get away with betrayal and backstabing. People that want to be on my good and trusting side will have to work for it because i have always worked to be on others and look where it has lead me. I have done wrong things to people and many people have harmed me but now its time to decide who stays and who goes!


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