Class, Finlandia, World of Warcraft

Been a while

So it has been a while so here are the highlights…

-Was talking to this girl

-Lost lot of friends

-Made a few new friends

-Got suspended from school (that was a computer error so I am back in)

-Live in a house now at school

-Doris is still rocking like a champ

-Back in school (2 classes M,W,F and 3 classes T,TH)

-Now at 6500 Achievement Points (and rising)

-Been going to church every Sunday now.

So anyways I just cooked an amazing meal of home made spaghetti and meatballs with a baked apple pie. I had Brooke, Kelsey, Danni, Cassie and Carlye (wingman/woman) over to eat and watched Dinner for Schmucks. I tell you a group of hot girls talking bout there sex life is kinda weird tho and sometimes I wish i didn’t know most of what I hear. O well tomorrow is MLK DAY and ofcourse Finlandia just has to have classes tomorrow. o joy!


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