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So this is what it feels like…

So this is what it feels like…

-to know she is not in your arms

-to know you are not the one on her mind

-when all you want is her

-where you have to be the strong one and let her be happy

-to miss her smile

-to not be the first person she calls

-not to be the one she wishes good night to

-to always have her in your dreams

-to really miss someone that you can see randomly in the halls

-to wish you had the perfect chance to tell her “I love and adore you”

-being so far apart yet only a block away

-to wish she was the one you could cuddle with

-to have your heart for only one person on this earth

-when you know she is the one but your jsut another nice guy to her

-when the best comes in second place

-where you know you will never have her

-to know that it is what it is….

Only if you gave me the chance and really knew who i am you would fall in love with me.


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