the Dark Light

Shining moon starring at me

Behind my shield I follow

Your black eyes mimic how exhausting your nights are

But your light keeps me going

Thru the cloudless night you shine

Reminding me of the void swallowing you

The cries of mercy pierce the night

Haunting is the knowledge and memories

Your dark shine hides the red life

Your breath replaces the mercy as a sigh is released

I’m the one to fill and hide with who I am

You lay down and I follow till tomorrow when we do it again.


One thought on “the Dark Light

  1. i love this. i love the night and being able to see all it entails. weather it be a walk down memory lane or just a way to clear your head i have always loved the night and always will. the night is my one true friend that never lets me down because i know it will always come around once more to hear my hidden words that i hide from the world.

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