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Hey so yesterday I threw a huge huge huge party at the soccer house. The party was designed as a welcome home to Lesaine after her loving mother (whom I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing) passed away.

So the party was on Friday night Jan 28th and it was a hit. The night before myself and lauren where drinking and moved everything around in the house. We had so much space but also put red tissue paper over the lights and set up the bubble machine. I have two sets of Altec Lansing speakers with woofer so I set them up wirelessly with Airtunes and there was plenty of music in all of the rooms.

I counted atleast 68 people at one time during the night but know there where more. The party ran for a good 4 hours from about 10 pm to 2:30 am…

Ofcourse there was a  cat fight near the end of the night and someone was puking hard. This all happened near the end so for the most part it was great. I dont know the full details about the fight but it pretty much ended the party at 2:30 so i was ok with it. However I had my hands full; like most college parties people drank alot yet only one person really puked… but that was after they started waking him back to the dorms and they carried him back to the house. John and myself made the call a few minutes later that his heart rate was far to low so we sent him to the hospital…

Now some people question us and say that if he had gone to his room he would have been fine… here is the way we see it… his pulse was steady at 125…. but all of a sudden it dropped below 80. he needed to have fuilds in him and would not down any water we where giving him. Now yes maybe he could have slept it off but what if he didnt. I am sorry he has a medical bill to pay but my concern was for him… Id rather be on the safe side and make sure he is alive than to have a party I threw have someone close to everyone die. so please just stop second guessing us.

Otherwise after the party a few people helped pick up cans and things which i was really happy that the house was not trashed or for the most part dirty… I had to mop the floors and clean the counters and things but nothing serious as a hole in the wall or broken windows. So after the party I cleaned for 4 hours and everything was done and looked like we didn’t just throw a party.

Now as for myself… yes I enjoyed myself but didn’t have the fun I was hoping for. I didn’t really dance or sit and talk… I had to keep on cleaning spills and telling people to take off their shoes. At one point of the night i just hid in my room because I felt so alone… Hard to believe I know but I guess thats the way it is. It does make me question if I want to have another party but we will see what happens down the road.

Today I found out that cops where waiting at the dorms to check people and not many people where written up so pretty much a win but made me question why they didnt come to the house and shut it down… the reason why after having some friends ask their cop friends why the cops didnt just shut it down was they could not hear the music from the street and the house was dark so they had no reason to disturb the residents… I LOVE THAT ANSWER! It just made the party even more of the party of the semester since it was the last weekend before the spring sports started up so just all in all perfect.

I do hope everyone had fun and will come if I throw another one down the road.


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