Class, Finlandia, Soccer

98… hell yea

So I am really working hard in classes this year. We just had a 100 point test in Earth Science the other day and got my score back…. 98 HELL YEA…. I havent missed a single class. Film as Art class is even more interesting and I really enjoy critiquing hollywood movies that are some of the greats.


Now there is one exception… Regional Geography is the worst class ever. all she does is repeat her self and then doesnt really give clear instructions or anything. Then for this class we need 8 different textbooks and out of each only read 2 chapters if that…. this lady pisses me off.


Otherwise I am doing great and happy about my standing in class. I can not wait for Friday to show up so I can play some indoor soccer… really looking forward to it and then we will see what happens this weekend.




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