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So I am laying here in bed thinking… Thinking about everyone I have met, everyone I have seen, everyone I have loved, everyone I have hated. So many people come and go yet there is one person in my mind all the time… I can’t get her out of my mind nomatter how hard I try. I can not believe it… This is life and I will always love and miss you. So many more people will come and go yet still you are here in my heart… I hope one day things will get better and someone just as special as you will be introduced to my life yet nomatter who comes you will always be the first one and none can take that away from you. As now you are in a place I will not be for a long time I will see you again one day and you will smile and hold my hand like that first time I held you. For nomatter what I will always love you. It has been years and only memories left yet I hold you close and can only wait for the fight that gives me reason to come flying to you. But as you hold my heart know that I am thinking about another now and she is special. I hope to have the same happyness as I enjoyed with you and pray I will not feel the same pain as I did when you left. But ofcourse only God knows what will happen and I pray everyday thinking about you. As I lay in bed in this house I wish you could see what has happened but I know deep down you have! I love you Samantha.


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