Doris, Love, Personal, Trips


So today while in the line for Taco Bell, Shaela pointed out that i had reached 255,000 miles on Doris… A great achievement in my book! We have visited 20 states together and have enjoyed all of the random pick up road trips we would take. She has broken down a few times but nothing that cant be fixed. If anything I love my truck and will never let her go. People have told me it isn’t smart to keep her if anything i should trade her in while I still can. But would you trade in your wife or pet? For the most part NO! I will keep Doris for ever… work on her, rebuild and clean her and show her off. My Sport Trac is a beast and has come thru many many times for me and for many others out there. I got her with only a few thousand miles on her. I came up with the name Doris the minute I got her. I chose it cuz she is a butch of a truck, loves to have the girls inside her and loves to ram little hondas in the tail pipe! I plan and WILL add another 100,000 before anything drastic happens. If you complain or question my ideas… dont call me when u get stuck or need my help because my ultimate tool is my DORIS…

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