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Ahhh what a great weekend… the boys where back in town. Steve, Fons, and Zach from the soccer team last year decied to surprise everyone and boy was it awesome to have my friends back. People this year have changed and not for the better so it was great to party with them and draw on Carlye again! no matter how far you are from your friends they will be your friends!

The guys kept on talking about how big Carlye’s boobs got bigger, how they ran over a deer on the way up, how skinny Moose was now, and then how much they miss it here. Dawn was super excited that we all chilled and were hanging out like the old days. We drove out to Ontonagon and met Zach’s grandmother and grandfather. They have a nice little cabin but little cold and windy. If anything the guys just had to miss the 60 degree weather from just a few days before and came up when it was 13 degrees out and windy. We enjoyed ourselves and I am definitely going down for spring break to hang out with them since there isnt really any guys for me to chill with here at school. All in all great time and Thank you dawn for some of the pics!


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