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So when i was growing up one of my favorite and still read from time to time is Calvin and Hobbes. I dont know what it was about his sick humor or his delusions about a live tiger but neither or less I still found myself in some wait connecting with him. His lack of friends and his reach do imagination about fighting aliens and coming up with cardboard cloners just made me look at how I act and how I hate being alone but also never being alone at the same time.


During the Winter Carnival here I started to remember alot of those old dreams, games and things I used to build by myself. I used to use legos like crazy and also make many many forts and hiding spots all over the place. One of the scenes at the carnival was of Calvin and Hobbes and the Snowmen. This used to be one of my favorite story lines within the series and so here are some of my favorites that even on a day like today when i need time to think and gather my thoughts; helps cheer me up and remember the good times and what my mind can come up with as out of the box and different as Calvin can.


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