The confessions of a stranger

The other night someone came and talked to me. Someone very few people know or even really care about. We talked for hours and after everything that came from the person I realized this person has had some troubles but is just like me. That person is a good person at heart just doesnt get treated right. I promised I would never speak of what was said and I never will. I just want everyone reading this to think who they dont know and ask questions, get to know them, be a friend, and dont listen to the gossip! We catch a peek of people out of the corner of our eye yet it is not our place to judge that person till we look straight into their eyes and see the pain, happyness, the good, and the bad. Everyone has faults but the biggest fault is being ignorant and not finding out the facts behind someone. Please people think about what you say and who you offend because you will never know what may happen in the future!


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