So tonight while driving around I was always looking at the moon wondering what it would be like to be there… I many times have thought about being in space and since SCIFI movies and shows were always on the air my dreams have always been a deep fantasy of mine. I know i was born to early to travel thru the stars and that seeing new amazing things. If anything my mind is at peace in the black, the one place where I know anything new is possible and strange dreams can come true. I have enjoyed scifi shows such as Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, and Starship Troopers because they are shows that show the vastness of space. Some show the good and some show the bad… but out of all of them they show that the Terran race is something special. I am a nerd and have not had many things in life but I dream and see that in space one is free and governed by your own morals. That is something that I really would like. To be incharge and not conform to what people see or want. Here at school I am my own person yet i get looked down upon and seen as a weirdo. someone who my be nice and different yet still not part of any group or friends to many. To conform is to loose ones self and there fore I long to be in a place where I am myself and free of being seen has something different and foreign to attempt to acknowledge. Space is where I would love to be but in the mean time I will be free in the one place where noone can find me.


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