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So summer is right around the corner and i have been trying to get my plans in order. I will be staying in the UP at the house during the summer and working once i can find a local job to help pay for some extra bills and things since times are tough for the whole family. It will be nice to see the UP in ins beautiful glory during this tie instead of all of the nasty snow. Doris however is broken right now so i have to see about taking care of that issue soon as possible. I have talked to Dawn and would love to see some of the sights and have her show me whats around this area. I would love to go camping tho… I havent gone in years and cant wait to go and sleep out doors for a few days just gotta find people to come with haha.  otherwise i will just be getting stuff ready for Danielle to move in to the house for next year and see what the plan is for someone else. If anything i am ready for this school year to be over but cant wait for next year either. So far I have all A’s and plan on keeping it that way since i have all the time to myself to get things ready and mentally prepare. There is someone else i would love to see during the summer…. just have to talk to her and see what shes doing… if i could ever get a hold of her!

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