Friends, ME, Soccer House

The drama

So I had moved in a while back whit two girls and god damn worst idea ever. They have been nothing but problems. complaining about paying the bills (only pay for what they use or how often they are at the house!) and then eating all the food i buy and never buying any for the house ( even when they ate all the eggs or drank all the milk.) I will be happy once they are gone but of course they have been causing more problems leaving that when they where here. All they do now is come in yelling and complaining then leave. I tried to be civil about helping them get their security deposit back but after the fact that I try and talk to them in person or over they phone they ignore all they want to do is text or barge into my room while i am asleep and start yelling. I have contemplated if I should call and get a lawyer because of all the money on bills they never paid or the rent that i have yet to receive for this month but the problem is the money i would loose just getting a lawyer would not cover it. Instead I am in talks with the landlord in making sure their security deposits are held and used for the rent and things since they want to leave their stuff in MY house and they can come and go as they please. I am really ready to just pack their stuff up and set it outside.


If anything I can not wait for some mature people to move in. Kelsey and Dannielle are going to be moving in and next year will be a lot better and this will be a true family. Already they have been hanging out and its nice to have people to talk to and just sit back and watch tv with instead of complaining and leaving month old dirty dishes in the sink. The past girls had it easy with paying only 50$ a month and then an additional 60-70 bucks for bills… (and they complained about the costs and shit.) So I have had it with those two and I am anxious to have my friends move in and really make this house a good drama free and loving home.


Now all I need to do is bring stuff up from DC and really decorate and not worry about what they want!

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