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its all about the little things

Recently a few of my friends (Danielle, Kelsey, and Brooke) have been coming over and hanging out with me watching the Big Bang Theory. If anything this has cheered me up alot and means alot to me. I didnt really have many friends or people to hang out with growing up. Only at TC did I meet Naeroby, Ahmed, and Antonio and actually get out and have some fun. I dont get to see or hang out with them much anymore with them being in other states and always working. At Apple I hung out with Ben and Kyle but i dont really keep in touch with them anymore. Here at Finlandia for the first year I hung out with Timmy, Zach, Steve, and Fons. They introduced me to alot of people at Finlandia and we had plenty of fun playing soccer but now they are not here anymore.

So as for these these 3 lovely women, their company means alot and really cheers me up for the fact that they want to hang out and get to know me. I have been happy with their company in the past few days with every problem and piece of hard-ache that has been happening. These  three women are awesome to hang out with and to get to know (altho at time the sex talk and the shit bout boys does get um weird…)


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