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Hell Week

So it is coming down to Hell Week here at Finlandia… School is almost done and I have work up the butt. For me I have to do: 1 essay for Film as Art class, on the movie the Visitor (great movie must see) the messages behind every detail; 1 presentation in Regional Geography, on the migration and changes in dialect of the Finnish Language; 1 final 9 page paper for Regional Geography, she wont give us details till NEXT WEEK! WTF!; 1 paper for Intro to the Bible, which has to be a minimum of 2 pages on how the class changed or influences our faith, understanding or morals (shouldn’t be to hard to BS); and finally a comprehensive  final test for Earth Science, that is gonna be easy since so far i have gotten nothing lower than a 96 on but still i will study and help Brooke and Danielle with it.


I know many other have it worse off than I do. Some have many art projects that alone each needs almost 50 man hours to do and others have many tests to handle and remember things for. If anything tho I feel confident I will finish strong this year. So far I have an A in Earth Science, and A in Film as Art, and A in intro to the Bible, and a b- in Regional Geography. I really want to finish strong so that next year I can play soccer again and be out on the field. Just this past Friday I played an outdoor soccer pick-up game and I know i need to get back in to shape for running but I felt great playing for 2 hours and really its one of my passions that I am going to work hard towards.


A piece of advise to everyone that is struggling and/or not feeling confident- Do what ever you can and dont give up hope because there are many people out there that want to see you fail so listen to your self and don’t let your self down! Its all about how well you finish!


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