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Mock Rock 2011

So today we had some grand performances at Mock Rock 2011. Some very creative routines this year and we also could not have them in the Finlandia Cafe this yea since they began remodeling so instead it took place in Warge 303. Personally I thought the order of awards should have been different and I know many people agree with me but just like last year this was an upset. I believe that First place should have gone to Joray, G and Drew, Second place to GB and Darryl, third place to Brooke, Alyssa, and Shakira, Fourth place to Spencer, Hailey, and Dawn, Fifth place to Chris, and finally Hailey and Vanessa should have gotten last place since theirs was the worst and personally made me wana puke. Otherwise it was a fun night and wish a few other people did one. I personally wanted to get a group to do Backstreet Boys ‘Everybody’ or ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by N’sync… haha would have been glorious. o well. Here are the performances in order of appearance along with the awards. ENJOY!

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