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So on 4-16-2007 a shooting occurred at Virginia Tech. Now ofcourse I was not enrolled at Tech but here is how that day went for me. On Saturday 4-14 I drove down to Mary Baldwin to visit Carmen and Jeincy. I hung out with them for that weekend. On that Sunday night I drove further down on I-81 to Tech since my best friend was down at Tech hanging out with some friends from TCW. So that early morning after seeing a few people I started to drive back to Alexandria and while back on the road I heard over WTOP that there was a shooting and I went and called my friends. If anything I know that I was lucky and for some reason our class has gone thru hell.

The class of TCW 05 has gone thru 9/11, the dc sniper, Katrina, the shootings at tech and so many more losses.

Also on a side note; this weekend was the Kelly Cares Run and it is to support children in Alexandria. It is in memorial to a wonder woman who I have known since 1st grade. Her name was Kelly Swanson and her twin is Katie. Kelly passed away just after our graduation and was a great loss to all of us. I still remember many different times we had such as the time in 5th grade we preformed in the Magic School Bus song challenge., or the time at all night grad, or when we marched in the 4th grade parade as safety patrols. I miss her very much even to this day. Anyways her walkathon was this weekend back in Alexandria and I really wish I could have been home and walking in something that really means alot to me.

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