Week #1

So it has been the first of many weeks of my summer and so far i have done nothing productive. I have been sick and puking for the last 4 days, headaches and back pains…. Freakin sucks! If anything I have been sitting here at my computer play world of warcraft and starcraft 2… if any of you play feel free to message me so we can play together!

So far the one good thing to come out of all of this is today the bitchy roommates I once had are now gone, their keys are turned in and this is now a true bachelor pad. The house is tidy and stocked… the only thing I have yet to have is some company. Yes I dont have many people up here to spend time with me but this was kinda the plan; to get away for once and be alone. I have my books, my video games and my mind to entertain me (altho it wouldnt hurt to see another living soul… my pet zombie keeps on trying to bite me.)

For this summer tho I do have some goals and I am on track so far: I plan on getting in shape again, reading 3 books, find a temp job, and make a few guy friends. This will be a summer to remember and I will visit DC at some point.



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