My Bestfriend’s Birthday

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Today is my best friend Naeroby Nunez’s birthday. She has turned 24 and is doing amazing things with her life. We are miles apart from each other but I still think about her and consider her one of my dearest friends. While looking back I realize how long she has been in my life and helped guide me and advise me with the will and tongue of no other. She is very blunt and helps keep me on track and with out her I would be a bum on the streets not knowing what path to follow. I have now know Naeroby for 8 wonderful and painful years. I remember meeting her just outside the Cafe in TC Williams and was introduced to me as someone interested in taking AJROTC. I didn’t think much of her other than a girl who wants a change and who will be mixed in within all the others.

Boy was I wrong; she quickly became an intricate part within the Armageddon Battalion. She took on many jobs helping out SFC Holden and helping with Quartermaster duties. She quickly became a part of the drill team and I even remember teaching her Color Guard. One of the many pictures I have is of the 2005 command doing Color Guard for the 2004 Graduation. This is one of my personal favorites and has all three of my best friends included: CPT Ahmed Dorghoud, MAJ Antonio Howard, CSM Naeroby Nunez and myself LTC Frank Scheer. Naeroby Became my Command Sergeant Major and I know she was the back bone of getting things done. She grew a lot and lost some of her temper but still she was always the grown one amongst us.

When she left for culinary school to become the marvelous and talented chef she is now I was wondering if we would grow apart and not talk. For a while we did but no matter what and how ever much time pasted we never lost our friendship or thought that things would effect it. Now she is a great chef in a restaurant in DC doing her thing. I hope one day when myself, Ahmed, and her settle down we will be close by and our children will play with each other.

I dont know what I would do with out Naeroby now a days and I dare not think it… Yes we have some epic fights but no matter what I cant stay mad at her and will always go back to her when she needs me. I remember many of times when she would call me during the middle of the night to talk and hang. I even remember one night where she was so distraught we sat out on her steps for hours and hours during the night talking.

I will say one last thing; Ahmed, Naeroby, Antonio and myself are so different that with out AJROTC we would not have ever been as close or even gotten to known each other but I would not want it any other way. They are my family and I will never for get them or want things to be different between any of us.

Happy Birthday Naeroby I love you.


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