DC, Summer

Research… i guess going to the library did help

So I got hooked up with a great job… I am a research assistant for a research firm that deals in the research of old military documents to help law firms. This job is a full 40+ hours a week job that has me pretty busy and dabblingin many areas: payroll, shipping, client letters, office organization of documents, and many other things.


After my past mistake that really hurt me and cause many problems in my life this job really helps get me back on my feet and will really help on my resume as to show after my event I can still be trusted and find very good work. I appreciate my bosses really being able to help me and give me a second chance. They are aware of what happened and with their help I will over come this like a champ.


There are many days when I am busy running all over the place but other times when I can sit and catch up on work or if I am done I can man the phones and see whats up online – like now ;) !!!Never give up hope because if you are a good person good things will present themselves.



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