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For many years, I remember watching Late Night with Conan O’Brian on NBC. From the very begining I enjoyed his jokes and sense of style. From his welcome owning with the String Dance (one of his classics) to his guests and how even some of the most serious people could laugh with him. I never saw him blunder on a guest and always have a come back if one of his jokes wasn’t to par.

At the same time I just started to watch the Simpsons every night at 6 and 6:30 on Fox and noticed that my favorite comedian was a writer for the Simpsons. For me the two went hand in hand. One could tell when Conan’s jokes was in the show and those sometimes were the best jokes of the episode. Then there was the who Sweden Sucks where Conan visited Finland and visited the fans in another country that loved him so much. Many nights there would be a few Finns in the audiance and they brought it to Conan’s attention that he looks like the President Tarja Halonen. He even met with her and help campaign for her which ofcourse helped her win!

A few years ago there was a whole debacle revolving around Conan moving to LA from NY which meant he would change times on network and become the Tonight Show. I watched it and could tell things were not right. after a short time Conan left but in a manor that deserve respect. Not only was he leaving and asking for a stipen but he made sure his entire staff and crew got the same. The fact that he came from a world where he was a small time writer to a tv star did not hide the fact he knew were the jokes, lights, power, sound and everything else was coming from and used his power to look out for those people.

Take a look at his fairwell speech viz Kinetic Typography—>

Conan is now on TBS and I watch it when ever I can (which is most of the time) and for the most part it is his show and the same crew, staff, and band. It just shows what kind of comedian Conan is… the REAL FUNNY GUY!


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