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All Generations of Terror

Today has again reestablished my view of our generation. Like every generation before mine we have grown up with different fears, from slavery, to world wars, to nuclear conflicts, and now to terrorism without political boundaries.

My generation has not learned the duck in cover but rather shelter in place… These words have come about and for me meant countless hours of drills and alerts. Since 9/11 when I first saw that smoke bellowing up from the Pentagon, I knew things were changing but I didnt know how extreme it would go. Living in the DC area and going to TC Williams High School… was both good and bad; the good I was in an excellent place to learn and discover… the bad however is that we are target #1. Our school went thru 9/11, DC sniper, anthrax alerts, shootings, and even bombing at the Pentagon.

My generation has had to accept the fact of the lost freedoms to stay free and today was another example of it. This morning there was a threat at the Pentatgon and there for the whole city when to lock down. There where police barricades and check points, many many military and police helicopters in the sky and low flying fighter jets (low enough that my ears popped and I could see the pilot.) Ofcourse this is nothing new to us here in DC but to my friend around the rest of the country this seems extreme, personally I feel safer when I see those flying around; the fire, ems, and police command trucks out; and even the lockdowns of some areas.

Ofcourse traffic this morning was a nightmare with so many roads closed due to the threat and the inconveniences but what would you rather have: that 5 minute trip to the pentagon to work and get inside and blown up of wait two hours in traffic to get the its safe command???


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