Awake, Personal


So here is a lesson…. If you do something you should be aware of the consequences.

Tonight I was sitting at the traffic light when a barrage of bb gun bullets struck my arm and car door. They did this to the other car at the light. To bad for them they shot at the wrong person. I saw where they were shooting from (shell gas station parking lot.) and pulled in with lights on. They panicked and drove off speeding down the road with their headlights off flying thru red lights.

Within a minute dozens on Alexandria Police were on scene and a helicopter over head. They were looking for the shooters with no prevail and they luckily got a way… For the moment atleast. I was able to give a full description of the blue toyota highlander they were driving as well as what they looked like. I was always taught attention to details and this is why.

Now here is one of the down sides; the shell gas station didn’t have a single security camera. These guys were in broad sight at a gas pump with the lights still on just unattended. Due to this and the fact I was unable to get a license plate number does not play in my favor.

Ok so yea I called the cops but here is the reasons… One I and others where shot at; doesn’t matter if it was a toy or not it caused damage and could have hurt someone, second they sped off with out headlights thru intersections with a complete disregard for the public and others, and third they deserve to be punished for their actions and learn what kind of trouble shooting at cars acting like gangsters brings.

I am upset and hope that they get punished but I am also going to complain heavily to shell that the station which could have caught all of this doesn’t have anything to protect itself and patrons.

Thank you Alexandria Police for your help and this is why I think you are one of the top police forces in the country. you are there to protect respond and have always been empathetic in your actions.


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