History, Summer

Battle of Manassas

It is 150 years since the Battle of Manassas or the First Battle of Bull Run how ever you which to refer. In this engagement close to 35,000 troops on both sides met at one of the first battles of the Civil War. The reenactment that was to take place over the weekend was canceled. Why was it??? Because it has been over 100 to almost 120 degrees out side and the historical reenactment decided it would be a bad idea to have men dressed in wool uniforms out parading around. Yes this is a good idea; let us think of this in another way.

The Battle of Bull Run occurred, during a Virginia summer, and ofcourse we do not have weather reports from 150 years ago but I bet money it was just as hot out. And if it was just as hot out then those troops would have been in the same condition as these reenacters today. Imagine walking 40 miles in heavy wool uniforms carrying a 50 pound pack, getting to your campsite, sleeping on the ground in the same sweaty uniform and then fighting the next day. They did not have AC, no running water, not real escape of the heat yet they still fought their foes, fighting for their cause. I don’t expect the reenacters to go thru this same process but it is something to understand and believe the misery and pain that happened during the war. Wars know no elements.

Just think about it.

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