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A Tribute???

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of September 11th 2001 and the worlds largest rescue mission. As I am sitting here at my desk reflecting on the fact that I was so close to the attacks and yet I am here and alive; I look around and see many others who didn’t find out about the attacks till much later in the day or just watched it on the news yet had no personal connection to the travesty. Living in DC I saw the smoke coming from the pentagon, visiting the World Trade Center, I realize how massive and awesome the twin towers were. Over 50,000 people worked daily in the Trade Centers and out of all of the attacks only 2,976 people passed; to me this is a major undertaking by the rescue operations in NYC and DC.

As I asked people yesterday were they where at the time of the attacks most barely remember it or were aware but didn’t know the magnitude of the devastation – yes they know the pentagon and twin towers were attacked but many didn’t know the final count of who passed (2,976), the number of firefighters (343), or even that there was a fourth plane flight 93. Yesterday there was supposed to be a tribute and reading of the names of those who died on the attacks; yet i personally was disgusted at how people never came out to show their respects, or that there was no personal connection and that it was just another day to them. Many people didn’t want to read the names asking why them, why do we have to be the ones to do this… Well the reason is that your an American, this was an attack on your home and could have been one of your family members who passed.

Yes it has been 10 years but I feel people are starting to forget (at least those who weren’t there) or don’t care as much as they should. I wish I was back in DC for the ceremonies and moment of silence. For some reason and I dunno why but it was as if people around me didn’t care or didn’t cross their mind. The school should have done something big yesterday for the community, it doesn’t matter if the school wasn’t hit or hurt, its a show of respect to those who did.

I know this is a rant but this is how I felt! I was upset at people laughing at the reading of the names, that none came out to hear the names read, that persons did not want to be apart of it, and that people just didn’t stop to think or reflect that its 10 years and were are we now… are we any better than before, are we safer, are we in a better place with others and do we respect those who stop to save someones life when they don’t need to be risking themselves?


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