DC, ME, Reflection

A legend

Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein, John F Kennedy, and now Steve Jobs

These great men have all lived and changed their generation for the better and will live on as legends thru history. Steve Jobs brought many new aspects to our time; from a dynamic and intelligent workplace to the technological age for everyone with new ideas and devices that changed the world. Steve as changed our world for the better by connecting people and giving easy and reliable products to the market for everyone to use. Many times a day people come up with new ideas and concepts that can change a minor aspect of how we live, Steve was able to market, sell, and build products that have many applications and can be furthered down the road as technology improves.

I was lucky to shake the hand of a visionary and be in his presence, even for a slight moment, it was like meeting your idol and for me he was. YES he was inspiring and always looking to the best one can do… I am happy to have been a part of Apple while Steve was in charge because everything just worked.

It doesn’t matter if you use PC or Mac, you have to admit he was a inspiring person within the nerd realm and that his ideas opened the doors for many many more. Today: I use an iPhone on the go for music,, to talk to friends, and texting, i cant go back to a basic phone; my iPad is used daily to take notes in class, expand on questions I may have during lecture by having the internet; and my computers such as my iMac which i relax with to Facebook, watch movies and play world of warcraft… with out these the world would be a much different place and i cant even imagine progress with out devices such as these.

Steve Jobs will be missed but I know there is someone just like him out there in the world and soon we will have new ideas, new inventions, and inspiring person to lead another revolution of the generation.

Watch these videos and just think about how these produces changed the world as well as how Steve changed the game in selling, services, products, marketing, and innovation.

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