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End of Season

What a quick way to end my season. Today was my first day feeling 100% after my groin injury. I was doing the run at a good pace, kicking the ball well, and just overall great mood. An old team mate, Nic, came by the field and it was great to see him and kick the ball around again. How ever soon trouble would occur.

We began a scrimmage and the ball wasn’t in play for more than a minute when it was passed to Clif. I went a head to pull the ball away from him and wooppps …. Apparently I planted my right foot, my knee hit his leg and I spun…. Let’s just say I started to say every curse word I know… For a good 5 (felt like much longer) minutes I’m laying in pain screaming and look down at my right knee and it’s deformed and painful.

Well i pretty much was crying and cursing till at the hospital when I was drugged.I’ll say this for modern medicine… Their drugs work wonders I was laughing and joking in minutes. Right back to the story, so the doctor said my patella dislocated laterally, after x rays there are signs of possible cracks and she wasn’t happy by the way my ACL was looking or feeling. Just to say I have ,ore appointments ahead of me.

The one thing I’m more pissed at my self about is that today I was ready, ready to prove I can play since I have been benched so far and that I have not even been able to play a game. Hell I just got my uniform last game and now this… This is not fair and well Im just ashamed and embrasesd that I couldn’t play up to the caliber of the rest of the guys.

Well another injury for Finlandia’s Men Soccer and just a few more and we will have a full squad of injured. Special Olympics here we come!!!


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