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I Give Thanks

So first off…. Happy Thanksgiving. Last night helped me remember what I am really thankful for and today just so happens to be Thanksgiving Day. First I am thankful that I am alive and well (well not so much with the hurt knee and not being able to drive but well) and that I have a loving family and the friends apt hat I really want in my life are here with me.

-Parents: I am happy to have such loving parents that always are there for me during my stupid mistakes or when I get hurt physically or mentally. Also that no matter what I know they love me.

– my brother Harri: Even tho we don’t talk or see much of each other he is still my brother and I will always have his back and I know he has mine.

– my best friend Ahmed: He has been my best friend since 9th grade which now puts it at 10 years since we have known each other and he is a great friend, the best thing is that we ae so different yet so alike its good to know I have a true friend in my corner sometimes

-my best friend Naeroby: she is the Latina fire in my life, she has given me clarity and her strong opinion since 10th grade and it’s kool with me, she means alot to me and I always love hanging out with her and watching family guy or the Simpsons that and tell her my problems and she calls me a dumbass lol.

-my best friend Kelsey: she has only been around for almost a year and half but I know she will stick around much much longer than that (as long as I don’t piss her off to bad lol) she reminds me alot of Naeroby with her strong will and great advise and well her stubbornness all make me glad and happy that she is in my life and to be the one to take me to parties and remind me I’m just a simple nerd that can really blow up a bathroom lol

– my best friend Danni: I am unsure where we stand sometimes and yes she has made me mad alot recently but no matter what I care for her and she has always been one to care and notice who I am and cares and doesn’t want to see me get hurt (altho she is the one to sometimes do it) but still she will always have me here waiting even if she isn’t happy with me lol

And everyone else… If I message you or text you it’s because I would like to talk chill and be a friend to you and yes I know sometimes I do message to often or something’s but it’s most likely because I enjoy the conversations we do have. Also if you want to be my friend I do want you to ca and not just use me. I have been told I’m a nice guy who is to giving and caring which is very true I always look out for my friends it’s just I hate the feeling of being used or one sided… But I care about you all very much and I am always open to having you come spend time with me talk about your problems and just have fun. So please don’t be a stranger!!!

Well for now everyone enjoy your holidays and take care.

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