Back to basics

So I have been thinking (I know shock) recently on how it would be just to live with out dealing with a fancy phone, computer, Internet or tv, and. Just live with books and the basics. Well I am starting to imagine this as a very close possibility. I have a few people on Facebook which I check and communicate with and even fewer which I call or text regularly. So to save money and the constant “omg I hope there is something new on Facebook” facsimile, I am about to just sell everything, the few things I will keep running are my wordpress account because this is quite soothing (however I will start a written journal as well) and my iPad since most of my books are here and to get the use out of it. As for pretty much everything else. It’s time to go bye-bye…. This should be interesting.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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