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So This video is going around like wildfire. This video is of a young boy in the 8th grade who has been bullied. I can understand what this feels like. I never got to the point of suicide or cutting from bullies but I was bullied thru elementary school and into middle school. I wanted to escape big time. During classes I would say i was going to the bathroom and wander off into the forest behind my elementary school where I would hide for hours. It took my teachers a while to figure out where I was running off to and I got into many fights. Being weird or a nerd is not cool in school… well Honestly I am a better person for dealing with it. I know that I am who I am and much better than many others as well as I have a better life than them.

I feel for this kid and all the others that have been in the news recently. I know it may seem like a large wave of bullies now but that is not true. It has been around for a long time unfortunately with the internet and large social networking sites… its more predominate because kids can type a few words and bam trouble…. I honestly sometimes wish things where more old school and we didn’t have this connectivity, privacy and an escape from the world are gone and every minute is recorded. This kid is brave for posting the video and sharing his story and i hope he realizes anywhere he goes there are gonna be bullies and trolls waiting. Best thing to do is just flip the game on them and be the best.

One of my favorite quotes is “the more Haters you have the more you must be doing things right because they want what you got.”

My prayers are with you but please be strong for you have a lot to give… we all do!


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