End of an experience

Well it’s been fun but it was time for me to leave FU. I have made many great friends at the school and then again lost some to… This place has been weird to me because the minute I make a new friend I loose one and that kinda bugs me. The two people I will miss the most and be sure to visit are Kirsti and Kelsey. But for sure I will miss everyone else; James, Amanda, Brittany C., Brooke C., Shaela, Ashley S., Lesaine, and then all the soccer guys.

But moving on is key since I have lost many people I was close to and always there for to just never hear from them again or knowing that they don’t want to see you again really does kill. Me inside because well I care about people and don’t want to loose anyone.

As for the school it’s been fun my 3 favorite classes being Earth Science, Film as Art, and Cultural Anthropology. I would have liked to have finished strong but with my injury and my loss of will to try last semester it was a good idea to call it quits make some money get well and look to other things. I went to finlandia to study Finnish and work internationally… Well the finish major changed and so did my plans… But after talking with a local pastor several times I made the decision to look back at my first passion; to study space. So I am on path for a astrophysics degree and look forward to this because I love the sciences and love to dream and wonder the unknown about space.

So finlandia we had our ups and downs but I will never forget you.


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