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Is the world coming to an end… No its not, this is not the last year of our existence nor will we all turn in to zombies (althought for several days I did think my sickness was the start of the virus.) this year will be great and I look forward to starting it off right; I am dating a beautiful woman now, I am cleared for rehab now for my leg, I am working hard at this research firm and to top it off I have my friends near me again. I will always try and work hard even though I do have my lazy spells but that is due to… (IDK) but I do work very hard and try to be the best person I can be and this year I don’t really have a resolution except to prove that I am a good and decent person and yes I have made my fair share of mistakes but I still love and care for my best friends, don’t want to harm others, and most importantly show that I do have honor. Simply put this year is about proving and regaining lost honor.


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