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Disaster in the Potomac: 30 years later

Today is the 30th anniversary for a disaster which I was not witness to nor alive to even know about. Over time you forget about things and how events change an area but this is one which personally I knew very little about and have not heard much speak of. I don’t know if DC has healed from it or if it is spoken about and I just don’t hear about it but today would have gone by like any other day if I had not listened to the news and search the net.

30 years ago Air Florida Flight 90 was taking off from Regan National Airport and because of to much ice the plane struck the 14th street bridge and crashed into the icy Potomac river. It is rare that the Potomac ices over but this was one of those occasions. As the plane crashed into the water, it broke apart and quickly submerged into the icy depths. Due to many factors the roads where backed up, the metro was delayed and the paths of reaching the plane were covered with standing cars.

The part that bugs me and makes me wonder why I dont hear much more about this event is the heroism and bravery of random people to help. A helicopter crew dared the ice and lowered itself into the icy waters to life people up and provide rescue lines. Another group of people actually jumped in and swam the blistering cold waters to help people below water and bring them to safety. As well as others who were on the plane that risked their own lives in the face of death to bring others up while themselves needing help. It is an astonishment that little is heard about this through every day routines when this in itself is one of the most courageous acts this area has seen by normal residents. We ofcourse hear of the firefighters who run in to burning buildings while others are running out and the police officers that risk their lives to protect others; to me all of these acts deserve the same respect and appreciation.

I want everyone to think about how they would act in a time of crisis and if they would risk thier lives for someone else.

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