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Hello Mr. Mark Warner,

My name is Frank Scheer and I am a 25 year old in Northern Virginia. I have lived here all my life and I have supported and voted for your campaign and actions multiple times. I am contacting you as an American who is displeased and does not want to see our government and country make a fatal flaw. Personally I don’t agree with downloading pirated movies and media however I have personally read SOPA and PIPA and disagree with the wording and feel there is to much leeway for massive censorship. I am a nerd and I enjoy the openness of the internet. I periodically will ready wikipedia for fun to learn something new or to surf the net and see new creative ideas people from all over the world have. This bill will prevent us as humans from having the free speech we enjoy and prevent us from speaking our minds. King George once prevented the colonies from rebelling and making changes that were needed and this speaks t that same situation on many levels. I see people around the world using social networking to get their stories out and rebel against oppression but if censored how would this be possible. I am not saying that Americans need to revolt against government but instead need to have a full and open voice to communicate with their representation much in the manner in which I am doing with you.

SOPA and PIPA will prevent people from creating and expressing ideas by allowing companies to blacklist them. Yes I under stand the target is mainly international pirates and pushing groups but that does not and will not prevent companies and the government from taking down adverse people trying to start the next big thing. The internet is marvelous and should not be controlled by any one country or group. I know that once one group is in charge then everything will be monitored and people will find some other way to communicate openly. Ofcourse this will talk a long time but we should not be having to go backwards in time but instead forward. There are many things on the internet that people don’t agree with or condone but the marvelous thing is that its the freedom of the net and the ability to find out anything weather it be good or bad.

I do not know your personally stance to this matter but I employer you to scan the internet at many sites people use and see what it would be like with out them. Youtube, messages and videos entertain and bring us news; wikipedia, the free and ability to edit and share facts; craigslist, a open and free market for which we can sell, buy, find work, or discuss local issues; wordpress, the ability to express ones self thru blogs and opinions; and stumbleupon, gives you the hidden gems of the net and can find things you did not know existed- all of these sites I personally use daily and even if many of them are free are still threatened by these actions. I ask as a Virginian and a person who uses the internet to please stand up and make these concerns heard because one voice can make a difference.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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