Video Games

New addiction

So I have always played World of Warcraft but now I have found a replacement. It’s called Battlestar Galactica Online. It’s free and fun as hell; plus it’s free.

Pretty much you choose between colonials (humans) and cylons (robots aka toasters) and fly around in 3 different classes of ships shooting each other. Pretty much it’s a flying MMO…

You do go around and mine asteroids for materials and shoot down both NPC and also the enemy faction players. There are several different tactics to use but relatively easy to fight. You also learn skills in different fields to improve weapons engines hull and computers. Also you can upgrade your ship in many ways. It’s a nice mix yet it is still missing crafting, however a future patch is said to change this. Also you can use real money as currency to do upgrades however with enough mining and grinding you can get the same amounts thru the asteroids.

So here are my favorites:
Ship: Advanced Glaive- it’s a nice powerful command ship. It has a decent amount of hull armor and points, has 6 guns with 4 of which are on the sides. It does have a nice thin center and with the slide on the engines it’s hard for a strike to get behind me. So my side weapons are standard guns with my forward two being missile launchers. I do swap in a mining cannon for one of the missiles when farming to save money and to also have more power against platforms. Then I also have plenty of computer slots with enhancing weapon outputs and hacking enemy weapons and then also damage control packs for healing in battle. I also just purchased a gungir line ship to get merits from pvp massive battles and also for later in other systems where you just need a line ship.

Zones: I like platform and enemy fighting in wegelin system. Asteroid mingling is great in huginn and tau altaar as well as pvp in those three systems. I also check these systems first for the planetoid mining since they are deep enough in colonials side I can have help and set up outposts quickly.















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