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If I won a million dollars today I would…

1) Give $50,000 to my best friends Ahmed, Naeroby, Illiana, and Kelsey with the orders to do three things with it, spend 1/3 on themselves, use 1/3 on bills and loans, and the final 1/3 must be put into savings.
2) Give $20,000 to the TC Williams JROTC program since that program really made me the person today
3) Give $80,000 to the Kelly Cares Charity.
4) Give $100,000 to my little brother Harri
5) $250,000 to my parents to pay bills and to use on themselves
6) Clean up and have work done on the truck or I have been thinking buying an older style truck ($35,000)
7) I would only like a small house so rent a nice little place with atleast 3 bedrooms so Ed can move in and have some friends and other important people visit me.
8) Pay off my loans and bills ($65,000)
9) Buy a new computer and nerd out my place ($25,000)
10) Invest about $15,000 in stocks
11) Finally I would set up two accounts to split the remaining $200,000 (taxes will take out about $60,000-$85,000) evenly, one into a savings account for the future / retirement and another for a college fund for my future children.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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