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Recycling at its finest.

The US Navy is doing trying a new floating base for special forces which actually pretty interesting. USS Ponce is a retired US Navy Austin-class amphibious lander. With the ability to land helicopters on its deck and accept small landing craft and boats this provides a great solution to a base of operations for future operations in the middle east.

I personally think this is a great solution to keeping a ship in service. Naval ships cost alot to build and maintain. Once a ship is retired it is either used in building a artificial reef, target practice, or just broken down and scrapped. This increases the lifespan of the ship and will be a new option for the navy in saving money and resources.

In the past Aircraft carriers were sunk and destroyed. USS Enterprise was suggested to become a museum at one point but in the end the Big E was sunk. The current aircraft carriers and nuclear vessels will need a new solution for decommissioning. In my opinion grounding them in areas through the world and keeping them as floating cities will me a great asset for the military and save money.


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