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Act of Valor

Finally February 24th has arrived and with it a movie that stands on its own. The Act of Valor is a movie staring real US Navy Seal Team Operators who combat a terrorist cell trying to harm America. This is the first hollywood movie starring real life professionals showcasing their skills and hard work. Over the years there has be a large gap between the documentary world and the realm of A list actors learning the part from advisors. As the movie begins you can tell the difference immediately from acting and those who do this for a living. I have read many reviews before going to watch the movie and they are somewhat right in explaining that the action and realism is breath taking but some of the lines or dialog is touch and go. The narration however was spot on and really brought the movie together. I feel that this movie sets the stage for more movies to star real life persons in the field being portrayed.

I thoroughly enjoyed Act of Valor and felt the other movie goers did as well. The movie will be up there fighting against the big boys in action movies and will be a classic. As the movie finished and the credits pulled up I really realized how many military personnel came out; A large “Hooyah” (Navy) was followed by a quick “Oorah” (Marines) then finally followed by a strong “Hooah” (Army and Air Force) which really brought it home for me. This movie is a strong testament to those who serve and is a reminder of what happens around the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



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