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So yesterday I picked up a copy of Windows 7. I know major change since I have been a mac person for a long time but I am not leaving mac.. NO, I am just running boot-camp and Parallels. I really wanted to play a few windows games like Skyrim, Age of Empires Online, and Star Wars Old Republic.

So I began my install… After I backed up my OS and files twice and on two separate external drives (I was not taking any chances with windows) I ran boot camp. After 6 hours of installing windows and going through very stupid windows messages, I finally got windows running. Now a nice clean windows verision is pretty nice looking I’ll admit and I am online installing Star Wars for the moment. However during the 6 hours I was unable to log into my iMac which means I couldn’t play any videos or do any work in the mean time which sucked. I am used to downloads and thing like that running in the background or not requiring more that 2 hours to do an install but we are talking about windows here. All in all I am looking forward to running windows virtually and playing Star Wars old Republic and some other games.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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