Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

July 4th 2012… The cold hard blast shakes the house, an emp…. Multiple emps … Good night USA

14 years later….

* the New Republic of America emerges from the darkness. The age of the geek is over, with no computers, no advanced technology, no Internet and the gun being the way of life the North pushes the way for a military rule by Major General Albert Christon. The South fights back…

The south rebels for independent state rule. The Fat Cats up north have turned to the mafia families and have raided the gold stores at wall street and Fort Knox. With Major General Christon in charge of the military and the self appointed president of the New Republic of America Benjamin Davey rules with out mercy acting as judge and jury. The Bill of Rights is no more and people can barely live.

The North hold the remains of luxury of living with servants and material wealth. The South has brought back the ways of large farms and agriculture yet is very poor. All produced in the south is hauled North in large military convoys leaving just scraps and crumbs behind. In the west those that lived in the plains died from hunger and moved further west or east however those that moved west perished during the Wave of 2021. The Wave left marsh and flooding from the coast to the Rockies with few survivors.

With the rest of the world dark and little is known about the Russian war machine spreading thru Asia and Europe, the focus is at home. A plan is constructed to gain freedom and state rule. Colonel Trigne Ironwall, Commanding Officer of the Virginia Militia, devises a war plan to gain freedom.

Chapter 1 — Architect

Smithfield Bar, Charlottesville, Virginia – June 6th, 2026 21:08hrs

In a dark musky bar full of low rambling and despair faces, Colonel Ironwall meets with fellow officers to discuss the raids further south against daily convoys. “Why should we stop attacking? We must protect our loved ones.” Ironwall looks up from his warm beer at a young Leutiant, his patch is from the Georgia 100, “Understand Leutiant, I am not suggesting we back down but rash attacks that case more casutiles on our side must be restructured.” Ironwall refills his beer from the pitcher,” I respect the Georgia 100 and what happened at Savanna but we must not rush things otherwise this movement will faultier.” Captain Tueel, of the Carolina 5th Battalion, “so what is the plan? Colonel O’Shea is getting anxious and want to strike Fort Sumpter.”

“We strike the Wilson Bridge.” Everyone looks up at the bartender in confusion. Only Ironwall has a grin on his face, “precisely, we take out the only crossing of the Potomac and hold the crossing at Alexandria.” Captain Tueel looks back at the bartender, “who said anything about bringing a bar with us? Why should you come?” The bartender states that he is 1st Sergeant Peterson of the Old USA Army and is the one who is keeping an eye out for troublemakers trying to alert the north.

Ironwall nods at the 1st Sergeant, “and we appreciate it, gentlemen, this is why I chose this location because I know we are protected and we can be the Architects of our rebellion against the North.” Ironwall gestures toward the table and the bartender and a guard flip the table over with apparent carving within the wood, Ironwall unrolls a Mylar map on the table and the carving become symbols on the map.

“The plan is to strike the bridge on April 5th at 19:00 hrs, as the sun is going down behind the troops ahead will be blinded as we attack on the eastern and southern posts of the bridge. As we attack the bridge a squad of Sappers will swim and attach shaped charges to the pillars of the bridge near the western shore and at 21:00 hrs the demolition will commence.”

“The Georgia 100 and the Carolina 5th and 7th will attack from the South while the Virginia 1st lead by me will attack the East. The Mississippi Sappers and the Mississippi Shockers will take out the bridge and heavy shore batteries.” Ironwall looks up and says “this is the plan and we will be striking them hard so expect losses. Let your commanders know.” He rolls up the map and walks out of the bar. Everyone goes into private whispers and the table is flipped back over and carried to the store room. As he walks out he looks toward the blonde woman near the corner near the door and gives a cute grin. What he doesn’t know is that she was waiting on him and knew he would notice her.


[Chapter 2]


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