Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

Chapter 2 — Lust

A beautiful blonde woman strolls down the road catching the eye of every man and boy as she walks down the heavy populated street. She grins as she follows her prey, her paid target, her mission. Ahead of her walks the man she is paid to kill.

The Cherry Blossom Hotel, Charlottesville Virginia 22:50 hrs

Colonel Ironwall enters through the marvelous there hold into a brightly lite and beautiful grand lobby. As he approaches the counter he is welcomed by a middle aged black woman, “Welcome back to the Cherry Blossom, Colonel it is always an honor to have you here. Same room as always sir?” “Yes please Giselle.” Suddenly a woman stumbles over the Colonels bag at the counter. Ironwall extends his hand “I am sorry the bag was in your way let me help you.” “No by all means my apologies I was stunned to recognize the same Colonel Ironwall that we hear stories about in the same hotel as I, my name is Charlie Park.” Not giving her real name she is proud of how well things are going but it is time to finish this she thinks.

As she is helped up by Ironwall she asks for a room for the night. Coincidentally she has booked all the rooms for the night under a different name as to leave just one room open. “We actually only have one other room available, room 419.” “Well I think Giselle here is trying to say something” as Ironwall winks at Giselle he offers to carry Charlie’s bag for which he does not know has the tool for his destruction.

Along the way to the room they offer only slight glances and smiles towards each other. Finally upon reaching the 4th floor, “So what brings you to Charlottesville Ms. Park?” “Oh um, I am here on business, my Father is a mechanic and he is thinking about setting up a school.” “Wonderful to hear that we are in high demand for mechanics, they are in short supply after attacks.” “I couldn’t agree more, if we are going to move ahead as a country… Or as states we need men who can rebuild the machines to lead us.” Ironwall noticed the slight pause after she said “Country” did she slip up?
Something is out of place? He was unsure and so was she. She could not believe how she just slipped up saying the one thing that points her to the North. Ironwall sees her to her room and says good night and walks to his room before Charlie can lure him into her room for the kill. But why did she slip up? Yes he was attractive and handsome but she has killed before with no hesitation but she couldn’t pull it off when she had the chance.

Sitting on the bed thinking what she must do next. Thoughts run thru her head of the evil man her father made Ironwall out to be. The man who kills women and children, whom steals money and takes power for his own. This can not be the same man that she just met. She grabs a glass and listens through the wall. Ironwall is writing a letter of last will explaining the attack on the bridge. She freezes, he is going to take out the life line to the North, a way of getting food to the hungry in the North… She know what she must do. She plants the explosive against the wall, she will take out Ironwall and head North to warn the bridge of the attack even though she is unsure of when exactly she can not let it happen.

She sets the clock for three long minutes and makes her way. There is no way he can escape, no way he can live, she will be the hero that protected the North. She makes it to the lobby, 45 seconds left, she could have sworn its been more than 10 minutes since she left. As the walks out side and steps off the curb…. she has done it. BOOM!

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