Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

Chapter 3 — Rally

The Cherry Blossom Hotel, Charlottesville Virginia 23:38hrs

Standing in front of the Cherry Blossom Hotel is a fresh soldier from the Blue Ridge Mountains along side him another private who has been around for a short time. They both stand watch over the hotel, their mission keep Colonel Ironwall safe. The freshy notices a blonde beautiful woman walking out of the beautiful hotel. All of a sudden Boom, their hearts drop, he forgets about the angel he just saw, and the Freshy turns to the hotel and they both run in.

Knowing immediately which room the Colonel is in the fight through the oncoming horde of scared residents fighting their way down the narrow halls and up the stairs. The Freshy keeps on going as the other private become encased in scared persons trying to flee. The hall is full of smoke and upon reaching the Colonels door the Freshy can tell the explosion was an attack. The door is stuck with debre and broken furniture, he finally pushes it open and looks at the wall, the ceramic plates did their job and reduced the blast significantly.

Freshy scours the room and finding the Colonel laying on the floor next to the bed. He slaps the Colonel. “Sir it’s Private Matt Allison, there has been an explosion we need to leave.” Ironwall opens his eyes in a very eary and immediate way, “I know son.” Allison helps the Colonel to his feet and begins to walk him out of the room. Ironwall quickly reaches for the mylar map sitting under the broken chair. Just as they reach the hall the other private joins them. With a quick salute and a demeaning look from the Colonel the proceed. “No we must not leave through the front, whom ever tried to kill me needs to believe that I am dead for now.” “Which way should we go sir?” “This way leads to a utility dumb waiter, we can use that and leave through the tunnel in the basement.”

At a slow and grueling pace they each go down the dumb waiter and reach the basement. With Allison holding the great Ironwall up the other private leads the way out. The emerge from the tunnel into a creek bed and a pick up truck is hiding in the bushes their for them. The other private looks in and breaks the window. “Now son why on earth would you break that window when you see that the truck is hidden for a reason?” “sorry sir I thought it was someone else’s.” Ironwall motions to Allison to take the driver seat. To the other private Ironwall says “thank you my boy, Allison can get me the rest of the way, make your way back to your unit and meet us at Bull Run.

Allison starts the truck and with a loud roar and heavy foot on the pedal they zoom away into the darkness. “I still can’t believe that private broke the window on one of my favorite trucks!” ripping open his shirt Ironwall inspects his own damages, just a few minor cuts the Dragon Skin Armor kept back two bigger pieces of scrap. “Looks like you need a new vest sir,” “yes it looks that way.”

Virginia Militia Staging Grounds, Bull Run Virginia, 03:57hrs

A few hours later, after driving through the back and broken down roads they reach Bull Run. Tent after tent after tent 5000 Virginians ready to fight back, and their boss has just come back with the battle plan to start the war. Ironwall departs the truck, “take the truck to the motor-pool, have them load it up with plenty of ammo and rations.” Allison drives away thinking deeply about the night and still struggling to remember the face of the angel which he saw earlier that evening. “I guess we will be moving out soon, I was really hoping to go back and find that girl” Allison says to himself.

Ironwall makes his way to the command tent where all of the senior enlisted and officers are already waiting for him. They all come to attention and shut up as Ironwall opens the flap. “Gentlemen, we move out in 48 hours, and will rendezvous with the rest of the just in Alexandria then we will attack our targets. Full mission briefing at 13:00 hrs and in the mean time get everyone starting to pack up and get ecintual gear from the quartermaster. Dismissed!”


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