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Empire State Building and Ground Zero

So on our trip to NYC we just had to stop and see ground zero. When i was in 8th grade i had the chance to go into the north tower and see a lot. I also was in 9th grade when 9/11 attacks occurred so I was happy to have been able to see the view. We had to get tickets to go see the memorials which was a pain but worth it in the end. Two giant pools of water drain down into the depths and really was a show of the area and how deep the towers stood.

We also decided to go see the Empire State Building at night for a view of the night and it was perfect. The green glow from the lights for St. Patricks Day and the brilliant lights from below it was perfect. O not to mention no lines like what we would have had to go through at the Statue of Liberty. Anyways it was an amazing view, from both the 102 floor and the 86th floor. This is a must stop for everyone just recommend getting ur tickets on line or using ur iPhone to buy them enroute and do the same for Ground Zero!

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