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Hole in the wall

So my best friend Naeroby is a chef and we were able to get the hook up at a few places along with some recommendations from some of her co-workers which was grand. First we ate at her friends restaurant in Tribeca called Locanda Verde. The food was excellent and was matched with this great wine i wish i knew the name but anyways i had a great pork cop, some meatball sliders which were to die for, and we finished off with some deserts. My favorite was this maple custard thing… it was like maple syrup and custard in one and they had this chocolate and hazelnut brownie thing which was great to.

next we ate at this little hole in the wall shop that makes fresh pork and vegetable dumplings right in front of you. this place is a must go not just cuz of how great they were but also the price… 5 dumplings for a buck… YEP $1.00 … omg so good we got so many of those. that place is in chinatown at 106 Mosco Street. YUM I WANT MORE lol

Lets see we also hit up Grand Pho in China town which was good not great. Also Naeroby and her boyfriend went into Queens somewhere and apparently got some great cuban food but i was to busy at O’Lunney’s Bar near times square. They has some good burgers and of course i went there on the night of St. Patricks day so it was busy and some bagpipers came in and started doing there thing next to Iliana and Micaela and I. O speaking of burgers we went to this place called the burger joint which was another hole in the wall. Inside the Parker Meridian hotel is this little red cape near the check in desks and thats the restaurant. Personally the burgers where ok and the fries were shitty but it was a cool little joint that obviously makes some real money.

O and finally we went to Hoy Wong’s in chinatown for some peking duck and steamed buns. I know all chinese food but thats what we like and we only had 3 days and much more to see. anyways this place was good and I enjoyed it being a nice close to our vacation.

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