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The Heart’s Hidden Message

One knows when he has found the woman which he can not be without. He tries to imagine a life and time without her but can not see that void filled with happiness only sadness. The only thing running through his mind and heart is her. If she is the one then he will love, and protect her through anything, he will show compassion and forgiveness, and he will us his actions to provide and cherish her. He knows she is the one when he does not flirt or list over any other woman and every tiny thing she does excites and promotes him. He will do anything for her because he loves her. He will thank god for her and pray for her to have happiness. All he will care about is her and she will be the first thing he sees when he wakes and the last thing when he sleeps. Through the good times and bad he will be a rock for her and never faultier. He will not only try and win her heart but cherish and make it shine in its fullest glory. This is what love is between a man and woman and anything else is just lust and waiting the date of divorce.

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