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So I hAve had an iPhone since the first generation and I have always loved it but I can not imagine it now with out apps. I use many different apps on both my iPhone and iPad and both devices don’t have the same apps. So here is a list of what I personally use and have and like.

Facebook– well this one is pretty simple it’s Facebook

WordPress- Quite simply this is the app I utilize to post on my blog and edit past posts as need be.

BeejiveIM- this is a great app for chatting, it lets you link multiple accounts from different services in to one platform, it’s like Adium for the Mac.

Linkedin- this is new and have only started on my profile

Soundhoud- personally I like this one more than shazam and has the top charts along with tagging to Facebook and all.

IMDb– is a good app for finding out info about movies and I use it to find out actors and all so its a handy device

Netflix- take a guess

Fandango- I can buy tickets for AMC and use my stubs pass also

Remote- well this one is from apple and I can control my iTunes from the network and if I’m using AirPlay I can play music thru the house. this alone has gotten me financially sound by showing me my accounts, budgets, and debts all in an Easy to use and advanced features. A must have!

Angry Bird- all of the angry bird games are pretty fun.

Pages- this is just like the Mac version and I can really work on essays and projects from my iPad and with my keyboard case it’s like a laptop so works perfect.

Icollect Movies- this lets me organize and rate the movies in my collection a nice little app to see what movies I own and all.

Stumbleupon- well lets me surf the net for the hidden gems when I can’t sleep

The daily- a nice little a news app, great thing for news and designed for the iPad.

Rainbow Six- great shooter app for the iPad and works just like the console! Great fun

Zombie GunShip- so who doesn’t like to kill zombies from a gunship! Lot of fun for the quick fix.

TED– a nice way to watch the TED talks

Drawsome- it’s like pictionary over the iOS and is fun and challenging

Words with friends– like scrabble which I love playing and pretty good at!

KNO- This app saved me tons of money, not by switching my car insurance but instead by having all my textbooks digitized and alot cheaper than in bookstores. Its a must have app for college students and they have backed up versions so u can never loose ur text book and u can see it online as well.

So that’s my list excluding the apps the iOS already has which I use alot also. So anyways enjoy and if you think I need any let me know.


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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